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In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

Artificial intelligence is having a moment, aided by a slew of smart gadgets that make your life and task easier. Here are our top selections for the greatest AI tools available right now.

AI (artificial intelligence) is having a moment. Whether it’s big-name products like ChatGPT or Dall-E 2 that are destroying the internet, or something more subtle, like the AI systems powering big-name firms like Duolingo and Instagram, the usage of AI has never been more obvious.

However, it has never been simpler for humans to apply AI to improve their own lives. AI can help you make presentations, organise your money, and even design a whole website from scratch, thanks to a plethora of tools available online.

However, a substantial flooding of the market is part of this tremendous increase. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of AI products available, all of which promise to improve your life in some manner. We’ve done the legwork and compiled a list of the top AI tools.

ChatGPT – Solutions at your fingertips

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

ChatGPT is a household name when it comes to AI technologies. The OpenAI chatbot does a little bit of everything.

Do you need to create a website? It has the ability to supply the code. There’s a full-fledged short fiction about dinosaurs administering municipal government. Need a stand-up routine… Okay, it has no concept of humour, but it will do its best.

ChatGPT is like having a know-it-all buddy who is eager to answer any query and curiously eager to do all of your job for you.

SlidesGo – Excellent for presentations.

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

If creating the ideal presentation isn’t in your wheelhouse or, to be honest, is something you don’t want to do, Slidesgo is for you.

Its AI presentation creator is entirely free. All you have to do is give it the topic, desired style, and tone, and it will handle the rest. Then you may hop in and make any modifications that are required. It may be hit or miss, like any AI tools, so be prepared to revise your notes if it utterly misunderstands the amount of ‘playful’ you’re wanting.

Sanebox – Taking control of your email

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

Keeping up with daily emails is a surprisingly time-consuming endeavour.

Why would a strange coffee shop email you on your birthday? When did you decide to join up for all of these newsletters and daily advertising emails? Nobody knows, but they keep coming, and Sanebox is attempting to assist.

The AI-powered email assistant declutters your inbox, bringing the most essential emails to the front and organising everything else into neat folders.

It learns what you want to see over time, prioritising emails from certain individuals and concealing the crap you never open. Nothing is erased; instead, it is relocated to the virtual backrooms.

Cleo – Sorting your finances

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

When it comes to AI tools, Cleo is a bit of a two-edged sword. It can organise your finances, establish budget plans, and save you money in places you didn’t know you could… but it will do so while speaking to you like a dad who has just discovered the concept of a meme.

Littered with misinterpreted references and words that sound like someone read a book titled ‘What are the youngsters saying these days’, Cleo may feel a little heavy-handed. However, if you’re acclimated to it all, Cleo is a treasure trove of financial advice.

It can help you develop credit, get out of an overdraft, or just improve your budgeting skills. This may be done through spending audits, debt repayment arrangements, or just ‘roasting’ you with insults when you’re overspending (as previously said, it’s better not to question it).

SurferSEO – Getting to Know the World of SEO

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

Search engine optimisation (SEO) techniques have advanced significantly. SEO is no more a ‘throw it against the wall and see if it sticks’ game; it is instead an intricate art of metrics, changes, and hard effort.

Fortunately, for those who are just getting started, there are AI tools that can handle a lot of the heavy lifting. SurferSEO is one of the most well-known, developing SEO-ready material, doing website audits, and managing the majority of the nitty-gritty SEO work for you.

Its modifications might be rather detailed, yet it always explains what it is doing.

Wix ADI – Building a website

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

Creating a website has never been simpler. In fact, with AI’s assistance, you don’t have to do anything.

Of course, the coding is removed, but firms like Wix now use AI to sort the website’s text, design, functionality, and pretty much everything else.

Simply answer a few questions and give the necessary information, and you’re done! You now have a fully functional website on which you can make the little tweaks required to precisely match your vision.

Soundraw – Finding a Soundtrack

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

AI-generated music has gone a long way.

Not long ago, the greatest conceivable outcomes were a jumble of sounds that made experimental jazz appear organised. You may now select genres, speeds, and even the vibe of a song while still obtaining something that sounds like a genuine song!

While there are a few firms in this industry, Soundraw is at the forefront. All of the music is copyright-free, and the model is trained solely on music created by the team, so there are no issues about stolen content.

Jasper – Creating the ideal marketing campaign

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

Jasper is a jack of all crafts and a master of none in the realm of AI technologies. It’s jam-packed with tools for creating marketing campaigns, writing material, creating graphics and logos, and even deciding on the overall tone of your advertisements.

Jasper may practically serve as your company’s marketing department by accomplishing so much. However, it is as eager as it is often mistaken, as are most AI technologies.

It can develop a whole marketing campaign in seconds, but it needs another set of eyes to make it look less… well, like it was written by a robot who doesn’t understand humans.

Genei – Accelerate your research

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

A large project’s research might become disorganised.

A slew of browser tabs, lists of articles to memorise from scholars, and a highlighting system that you’re sure made sense when you first started.

Genei is a technology that seeks to solve several of these issues. It may provide background reading summaries as well as overviews and highlights from lengthy documents.

These papers are then saved in projects and folders, which can all be searched for certain quotations and keywords. You may also ask Genei specific questions about a paper if you simply require a single notion from it.

Grammarly – perfect your writing

In 2023, The Top AI Technologies For Streamlining Your Life

We all make mistakes at work, in emails, in newsletters, and pretty much everywhere else we write. Grammarly, like an obsessive teacher who won’t let you go, just wants the best for you.

It demonstrates grammatical errors, punctuation repairs, and even techniques to make your writing seem more eloquent.

The AI-powered tool may occasionally misinterpret your tone, making you appear bizarrely passive-aggressive to a coworker or rather stuffy in a fun piece of writing, but for the most part, it’s just saving you from a spelling error.



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