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Wix E-Commerce Review 2023: Advantages, Drawbacks, and Alternatives

Wix’s e-commerce website builder works best for service and event-based enterprises.

Wix is a website builder that can be used by both individuals and companies; however, this evaluation concentrates on Wix’s e-commerce website building skills. Wix shines out in this category for its appointment booking and ticket sales capabilities. It also has unique characteristics that make Wix a suitable match for hotels, restaurants, and fitness centres.

Wix’s customization possibilities don’t stop there – in fact, there are so many options that Wix may get daunting. If you manage a small e-commerce company with few employees, you could prefer a simpler solution. Furthermore, if you primarily generate money by selling real goods, competing platforms have more extensive inventory management and shipping options than Wix.

Here’s all you need to know about Wix e-commerce before deciding if it’s perfect for your company.

Wix e-commerce: Factors to Consider

Price when billed annually
Business Basic: $27 per month.Business Unlimited: $32 per month.Business VIP: $59 per month.
Payment processingWix Payments, the company’s own payment solution, charges 2.9% + 30 cents per transaction for online transactions. Wix’s POS system charges 2.6% for in-person payments.Wix does not charge any additional costs if you use a different payment gateway.
Key features
Booking events and appointments.Sales of tickets.Reservation services for restaurants and hotels.Class packs and online classes are examples of fitness business tools.Possibility to create your own mobile app.
Online marketplace integrations

The major elements of Wix e-commerce

Wix e-commerce stands apart for the services it provides to event-based enterprises, such as appointments, bookings, and ticket sales.

Appointment scheduling

Wix websites have appointment scheduling. You may provide a variety of services, receive payments online or in person, and provide packages in which clients purchase many services at once. Business owners can also add specific employees to appointments.

You can enable video conferencing if your appointments are virtual. And your clients get their own appointments page where they can see forthcoming appointments and cancel or reschedule if necessary.

Sales of tickets

Wix is one of the few website builders that can handle ticket sales without the use of a third-party software. You may build many sorts of tickets with varying rates, such as free or pay-what-you-want pricing. Wix imposes a service fee of 2.5%, which you can either absorb or pass on to your consumers. Ticket sellers may even construct a seating chart that depicts where attendees will sit.

If your company provides memberships, you can utilise Wix to include reduced tickets into your loyalty programme.

Tools designed specifically for fitness centres and eateries

Wix Fit has themes designed specifically for gyms and fitness studios, as well as features such as class packs, streaming and on-demand exercises, and class schedules that your employees can view and control. Wix’s restaurant website builder can also enable you accept online orders without paying third-party app fees, as well as offer bookings and manage phone orders.

Your personal app

Wix’s Branded App can allow you create your own app without knowing how to code. Whatever features you’ve added to your website — an e-commerce store, blog, appointment booking — should be available in your app as well, and any transactions made within the app should sync with your e-commerce dashboard.

It’s worth noting that you’ll have to pay an extra cost to get your software listed in the Apple and Android app stores.

Wix e-commerce price and plan features

Here’s what each Wix plan that enables e-commerce websites includes. Other options are available through the website builder, but they do not accept payments, product listings, or sales on other online platforms.

Business Fundamentals: Ideal for service or event-based enterprises.

Wix’s entry-level e-commerce service provides basic product sales capabilities such as limitless listings and sales on Facebook and Instagram. However, it distinguishes itself with extensive event hosting, ticket sales, and appointment booking features, as well as particular solutions for restaurants, hotels, and fitness enterprises.

The monthly fee is $27.


  • The number of product listings is unlimited.
  • 50 GB of storage space for files.
  • There are five hours of video.
  • One year of free domain registration.
  • Listings of products on social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram.
  • Unlimited service or class listings, appointment booking, and SMS reminders are included.
  • Event hosting and ticket sales are unlimited.
  • Online ordering, bookings, and menu displays are available for restaurants.
  • Hotel accommodation availability and price.
  • Fitness-specific features include memberships and class packs, a mobile app for subscribers, online classes, and SMS and email reminders.

Business Unlimited is ideal for subscription-based enterprises.

Upgrading to Business Unlimited grants access to additional product sales options such as subscriptions and recurring payments, as well as greater online storage space.

The monthly fee is $32.

At this level, additional features include:

  • Storage space of 100 GB.
  • There are ten hours of video.
  • Subscriptions and recurrent payments are accepted.
  • Show items in the currencies of your consumers.
  • Listings of products in different online marketplaces.
  • Using KudoBuzz, a third-party programme, you can get up to 1,000 product reviews.
  • Modalyst, a third-party tool, allows you to dropship up to 250 goods.

Best Wix plan for goods merchants, according to Business VIP

Wix’s most expensive e-commerce website package includes limitless online storage space. Product reviews, sales tax calculation, dropshipping, and other features for product sellers are powered by third-party apps and may have their own limitations.

The cost is $59 per month.

At this level, additional features include:

  • There is no limit to the amount of storage space available.
  • You have an unlimited number of video hours.
  • Sales tax collection is automated for 500 transactions each month.
  • Using KudoBuzz, a third-party programme, you can get up to 3,000 product reviews.
  • Modalyst, a third-party app, powers unlimited dropshipping.
  • Smile.io, a third-party app, powers the customer loyalty programme.

Wix advantages

Highlights for service firms

Wix provides a wide range of features for service organisations such as restaurants, hotels, and fitness centres. These include appointment booking with reminders, the option to sell memberships and class packs, hotel room bookings, and restaurant internet purchasing. Better still, all of these services are included in the Business Basic plan; you’ll only need to upgrade if you want more storage space or product-selling and shipping capabilities.

You have the option of selecting your own payment processor.

Wix has its own built-in payment processor, but if you prefer a different one, you may use it for free. This gives you the best of both worlds: the ability to pick your own payment processor if you want to, but the convenience of utilising one that is built in if you don’t.

Custom app creator

Building your own app without knowing how to code might be a helpful tool for increasing consumer loyalty. If your e-commerce company intends to do so in the future, it may be worthwhile to create your website on Wix today.

Wix disadvantages

For small enterprises, the feature list may be daunting.

Wix has a plethora of features for restaurants, hotels, and fitness centres. However, setting up and monitoring all of those features on your own takes time and effort from your employees. It’s OK if you’d prefer utilise a simpler website builder with only the essential features you want so that your team may focus on other issues.

Physical product selling characteristics are limited.

Wix makes use of third-party apps to give functionality that other e-commerce website builders provide natively. To interact with any delivery providers other than USPS, for example, or to receive low-stock warnings, you’ll need to use third-party applications. Third-party programmes, in general, provide an extra layer of complexity that should be avoided if possible.

Storage space constraints

The Wix Business Basic package includes 50 GB of file storage and 5 hours of video storage. That may be fine for some businesses, but if yours relies on high-resolution photographs or video lessons, you may rapidly run out of space and need to upgrade.

Wix alternatives

Squarespace is easier to use. 

Squarespace is a simple website builder that is also suitable for businesses providing services or appointments. Squarespace, like Wix, can support native online appointment scheduling, including reminder emails and intake forms. However, if you don’t want the additional services on Wix’s extensive list, Squarespace may be easier to operate for tiny, resource-constrained organisations.

Shopify: A Better Option for Product Sellers

Consider Shopify if your company sells and transports tangible things. It provides extensive inventory and order management features, as well as low shipping rates and omnichannel shopping, as well as built-in payment processing with Shopify Payments.

Square Online provides a free plan.

The free plan from Square Online includes unlimited product listings, local delivery, discounts, and other basic e-commerce services. If you’re just starting out and want to test the market before investing in a complete website, Square might be a decent option.



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