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What Does Midjourney Alpha Entail? Understanding the AI-Image Generator

Discord’s generative AI platform empowers users to effortlessly generate captivating images using minimal prompts.

Midjourney, a leading AI service for image generation, unveiled the release of its “Alpha” version website yesterday, catering initially to a select group of users. The independent research lab, based in San Francisco, plans to conduct testing on Midjourney.com, which is currently accessible only to those who have produced over 10,000 images using its predecessor, the Discord messaging app.

Assuring wider availability soon, the tech company stated, “Don’t worry, we will be making it available to more people over the coming month!” This announcement will be particularly welcome news for the 17.5 million-plus users within its Discord App server.

This guide will provide insights into Midjourney, highlighting its new and enhanced features, and offering guidance on how to leverage its capabilities for creating compelling images.

What is Midjourney?

Midjourney is an AI-powered generative program that interprets user prompts to generate remarkably lifelike and realistic images. This technology relies on natural language descriptions, referred to as prompts, similar to the approaches employed by OpenAI’s DALL-E and Stability AI’s Stable Diffusion.

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How Much Does Midjourney Cost?

Unfortunately, the service ceased to be free as of April 2023 due to overwhelming demand that strained the servers. While the initial free trial had to be discontinued, occasional limited-time free trial periods may resurface, offering opportunities to explore the tool before making a purchase.

Various pricing plans are now in place, starting at $10 per month for the basic but somewhat limited plan and reaching up to $120 per month for the comprehensive Mega plan with all available features. Subscribers opting for an annual subscription enjoy discounted rates compared to monthly payments.

What Does Midjourney Alpha Entail? Understanding the AI-Image Generator

New and Improved Functionality

The website boasts a contemporary interface, featuring an initial “Explore” tab showcasing real-life user-generated content. Positioned at the top is a plus sign, accompanied by a familiar blank text bar labeled “Imagine,” eagerly awaiting user prompts.

On the right-hand side, users can access the visual interface by clicking on the “dials” symbol, allowing for seamless control over prompt settings—a notable enhancement from the Discord version, where users had to rely on text commands for modifications. Now, users can effortlessly adjust the image’s orientation, size, and stylization.

Navigating the left-hand rail, users can utilize the “photo” icon to organize their past creations in reverse-chronological order and track ongoing projects. The interface also includes a “thumbs up” button for users to participate in a crowdsourced image ranking project, choosing between two iterations of the same image. The “Likes” tab archives images previously “hearted” on Discord.

Excitingly, additional features are on the horizon, with upcoming releases anticipated to include an iOS app, folders, and collections.

How to Use Midjourney

Now that you’ve gained insight into how Midjourney operates and its enhanced features, it’s time to explore its utility. But how can it benefit you?

AI-powered image generation offers a myriad of applications in the professional realm, becoming a valuable asset for businesses in our increasingly visual-oriented world.

Small businesses lacking design expertise can now efficiently produce promotional content and captivating social media posts on a larger scale.

Content marketers stand to gain in terms of both time and cost savings on image procurement. Instead of delving into creative commons, investing in expensive stock images, or engaging photographers and graphic designers, they can tailor imagery to their specific requirements.

For creative teams and graphic designers, the tool serves as a source of inspiration, expediting their existing design workflows.



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