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Apple Reacts to LEAKED Windows 12

Apple responds to leaked details regarding Microsoft’s future Windows 12 operating system in a new video. Sam Tucker hosts the film, which focuses on the name, installation process, and AI features of Windows 12.

Tucker begins by attacking Windows 12’s codename, “Hudson Valley,” which he labels “insensitive.” In reference to Bill Gates’ alleged theft of the graphical user interface, he advises that Microsoft name their operating system after a dog.

Tucker then discusses installation, noting that Windows 12 needs users to sign up for an Office subscription, OneDrive, and Xbox Live. He contrasts this with Apple’s strategy of taking the entire payment up front.

Tucker then focuses on the AI aspects in Windows 12, such as Windows co-pilot, email co-pilot, and Bing co-pilot. He says that if people require help bingeing, they should avoid using computers. He also criticizes the incorporation of AI in Word, arguing that Microsoft should provide a free, less sophisticated version of Word known as Pages.

Finally, Tucker discusses the widgets that may be added to the Windows 12 home screen. He compares it to Windows Vista and speculates that Microsoft may be employing AI upscaling to improve the appearance of Windows 12. He also claims that Apple used AI downscaling to make their products appear ugly.

Tucker concludes the video by calling Windows 12 “beautiful on the inside,” and urging viewers to subscribe to the channel.

Overall, the video offers a lighthearted spin on the leaked Windows 12 material. Tucker mocks Microsoft’s decisions while also making some ideas for change. The video will undoubtedly appeal to Apple enthusiasts as well as anyone who appreciates a good tech battle.



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