There are now seven different methods to design your text.

Code Blocks: Using this tool, you may arrange text, including code, into structured blocks. Wrap your text in '(\)' to utilise it.

Quote blocks: These let you answer a particular passage of the text directly. Add '>' before the text you wish to quote in order to use it.

Lists: Begin each line with or '-' to create a bulleted list. Start each line of a numbered list with a number.

Bold: Bold text is usually used to draw the reader's attention to a particular part. You can make text bold *like this*.

Italics: Italics is frequently used to highlight specific passages in the text or to convey sarcasm or irony. Type the text like '__ like this_' to make it bold.

Inline: Perfect for sending snippets of code and formatted poems, you can use it by wrapping your text in a backticks like `like this`.