Many experts agree that in the next five to ten years, a lot of vocations will be completely automated.

As technologies like chatbots and virtual assistants manage a wider range of consumer inquiries and demands, the customer support role is becoming increasingly automated.

Self-driving car advancements disrupt both the ridesharing and taxi businesses by eliminating the need for human drivers.

Concerns have been expressed regarding whether writing-intensive employment may be replaced by AI thanks to generative AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard.

Since ChatGPT can already be used to develop code, programming positions at the entry level may soon become automated.

AI is capable of doing, at least in part, research-centric jobs such as financial analyst and market research analyst.

AI can produce legal reports, compile evidence for a case, organise documents, and perform legal research because of its capacity to process enormous volumes of complex data.

AI drives a large number of industrial machines, carrying out several tasks faster and more reliably than humans.

Professional-quality photographs may be easily created without artistic expertise thanks to programmes like Lensa and DALL-E.

AI content generators are already able to aid with repeated content creation and concept generation.