Ensure your laptop's operating system and software applications are regularly updated for improved performance and security. 

Uninstall any unused or unnecessary programs to free up storage space and reduce system clutter.

Consider upgrading hardware components such as RAM and storage to enhance speed and multitasking capabilities.

Adjust power settings to use a high-performance plan, especially during resource-intensive tasks, to maximize efficiency.

Disable unnecessary startup programs to decrease boot time and allocate resources more efficiently.

Regularly perform disk cleanup to delete temporary files, cache, and old documents, which can improve system responsiveness.

Adjust browser settings and clear browsing data regularly to enhance browsing speed and efficiency.

Install and regularly update reliable antivirus software to protect your laptop from malware and security threats that can impact performance.

Periodically defragment your hard drive to optimize file storage and improve system performance.

Restart your laptop frequently to refresh system resources and ensure smooth operation.