Audio editing software is your key to creating podcasts, fixing webinar recordings, and enhancing video soundtracks. It lets you record, edit, and convert audio for all your projects.

There are many audio editors available, and your choice depends on your objectives, budget, and skill level.

After reviewing over 50 apps and extensively testing many, these are my top picks for the best audio editors.

Adobe Audition is a powerful audio editor for solo projects or layering tracks, integrates with Adobe tools like Premiere Pro

Audacity shines with free, user-friendly audio editing, offering both basic and advanced effects.

Acoustica offers multi-tabbed editing for tackling projects and powerful tools for transforming audio.

Hindenburg Pro 2: Perfect for podcasters and journalists, edits audio with multi-tracks and polishes speech with auto-leveling and effects.

SOUND FORGE Audio Studio 17: Edits single tracks, handles multi-channel audio, works with video, and lets you master audio with advanced effects.

Audiate: Edit audio like text (perfect for removing pauses) with transcription, or use the classic waveform view for traditional editing.

AudioMass: Free, online audio editing in your browser. Record, edit with effects, and export - all without installing anything.

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